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Why Healthcare?

In recent years, the use of various wearable devices has increased, and the awareness of health care has increased, and from health care for symptomatic treatment to prevention measures for diseases / injuries is changing to health care measures. On a daily basis, continuous measurement and recording data such as heart rate, sleeping time, sleeping content, activity distance, weight, diet and water supply amount have become easier. In addition, blood pressure gauge, blood glucose level etc. can also be measured easily. AllegroAthlete uses the basic data generated in everyday life to grasp the condition, its change and change, and provides the world's first conditioning service that helps to prevent the prevention of unkilled and injured worldwide.


Why AllegroAthlete Service?


Vital data such as heart rate, activity amount and weight measured in the life of the athlete, environmental data such as temperature, pressure and humidity, score sheet to be recorded · data on performance such as video data during practice or game , You can collect all kinds of data and apply it to learning sports science.


Visualize various data collected and deepen understanding of data against actual experience. You can understand the meaning of data by comparing various data collected, narrowing down dates, and seeing from various directions.


If you deepen your understanding of various data, you can see what kind of data is correlated, and what kind of data affects athlete's condition and performance . By creating a machine learning model based on the acquired knowledge, it is also possible to create a personal AI that automatically controls athlete's condition.